BluRhapsody 3D pasta collection is finally on sale as an absolutely exclusive limited edition on the brand's e-commerce website.

BluRhapsody started its e-commerce business

BluRhapsody 3D pasta collection, the highest expression of Made in Italy excellence, is finally on sale as an absolutely exclusive limited edition on the brand’s e-commerce website.

BluRhapsody®, the innovative brand that makes 3D pastashapes having a unique design, has launched its prestigious online store. The channel has been designed to allow individuals and industry professionals to purchase these exclusive products. When launched, 6 of the most emblematic pasta shapes were made available online. Production is in limited edition and only by reservation.

And there is even more: starred chefs and top caterers cooperating with the brand for a long time, but also restaurant owners who follow the latest trends or foodies in the know can now purchase BluRhapsody® limited editions and, why not, collaborate with brand designers to create customized 3D pasta lines.

BluRhapsody®selects the finest semolina and kneads the dough by hand using cutting-edge technology, to create unique pasta, having shapes and lines that cannot be achieved using traditional technology. Unmatched innovation that completely disrupts the very concept of pasta: it has become a tool chefs can use to give shape to imagination, to create dishes that are authentic masterpiecesand an unprecedented and intriguing multisensory experience for those who taste these pasta shapes.

An authentic ode to creativity, as BluRhapsody® pasta can be largely customized in shapes, colours and flavours and can therefore be made on demand to achieve a unique and amazing final effect. How? Through BluRhapsody® designers’ direct support, guiding customers in defining their limited edition, seeking the best results and the perfect balance in terms of flavours, ingredients, appearance and experience.

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