And the winner is…

The atmosphere of the gala night held at Milan Teatro Vetra was captivating, the winner of 2018 The Best Chef Awards being announced. For the second year in a row, the world best chef award was given to the Spaniard Joan Roca, of three-Michelin-starred restaurant El Celler de Can Roca of Gerona, Spain. The entire ranking, including the top three hundred best chefs and the winners of the seven category awards, can be seen in the website of the event.
Chef Roberto Rossi, from Tuscan restaurant Silene, also went on stage and presented BluRhapsody pasta with Elena Bernardelli, Global Brand Activation at Academia Barilla, sponsor of the event.
At the end of the award ceremony, during a fine DJ set, the audience was offered a wine and food tasting journey dedicated to Italian excellence: selected wines, PDO cheese, gourmet pizza and BluRhapsody 3D pasta, besides the superlative sensory experiences designed by some of the international chefs who presented innovative and extremely creative dishes.

Roberto Rossi designed for BluRhapsody a tasting session called “Stories of encounters”, telling two stories through his creations.

The first one deals with the sea:

“This is the story of a pasta shape that believed to be a sea urchin and of its encounter with a very delicate fish mousse and deliciously crispy salmon roe…”

and the second one deals with the earth, its land,
rich in Mediterranean scents and suggestions:

“An amphora of pasta, an ancient shape of eternal beauty, encounters a guinea-fowl terrine inebriated by an exquisite combination of Mediterranean aromas…”

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