At Homo Faber a BluRhapsody menu offered guests a spectacular tasting experience... a pleasure for the eyes and for the palate!

The event “Homo Faber: crafting a more human future” has just ended in Venice: it was dedicated to top-level craftsmanship. For around twenty days, in the enchanting areas of Giorgio Cini Foundation on San Giorgio island, visitors could plunge into live shows, immersive digital experiences and imaginative displays of handcrafted creations. The aim of the exhibition was to showcase and highlight the wealth of crafts and relevant skills, ranging from paper to woodworking, from the most refined techniques to iconic expressions of contemporary craftsmanship, exploring their connections with the world of creativity and design.


Homo Faber event


BluRhapsody, 3D printed pasta collection born from the perfect balance of tradition, technology, innovation and art, could not be missing from such an event. And it is precisely from the combination of these elements that BluRhapsody has come up with a new way of making pasta, raising the bar of excellence in an industry where standards were already at an all-time high. Pasta shapes have taken on extraordinary shapes, becoming authentic pieces of art: meticulous work, where the expertise of those who have been making pasta for generations along with 3D printing technology and the art of imagining are perfectly balanced. This is what BluRhapsody calls digital craftsmanship.


Homo Faber event


Guests could get a taste of these little masterpieces at the Lounge Taste Experience space managed by the prestigious international cooking school Alma. They served Mussel, the perfect replica of a mussel shell, prepared with creamed cod and fish roe, and Cube, an ideal shape for finger food appetisers, filled with Venetian-style cod and beet tops. Both recipes were signed by Chef Mario Marini. Everything was designed in detail to offer guests a top-quality food and wine experience, with an extraordinary view of Venice Lagoon. Homo Faber proves that craftsmanship can create beauty.


Homo Faber event


3D-printed pasta shapes on display at Homo Faber can be purchased on our e-commerce.

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