Kalpis with fennel cream and scampi.

Maybe it is for the refined amphora-shaped pasta, maybe it is for the harmony of delicately balanced flavours, or even for the fresh fragrance released that enhances sensations… but this is a dish that will leave a trace in memory.
The unforgettable element is nothing fizzy, or boisterous, but rather the graceful persistence that only the most elegant things can leave.
Sweet and aromatic are the adjectives that best describe the essence of this dish. The fennel velouté is the creamy element, enriched and flavoured by the fresh, slightly seared, tender and crunchy scampi. Kalpis by BluRhapsody sets the scene: one of the most appreciated and admired 3D pasta shapes, so much that it can be considered as an icon of the entire collection.
Some small fennel tufts finish and decorate the dish, adding scent and colour. This dish is ideally served as an appetizer or as a cocktail, and should be tasted drinking light white wine.

Unforgettable dish



For the fennel cream: clean the fennels removing external layers and then boil in salted water for about ten minutes, until they are soft, then blend with a little cooking water and add salt and pepper.


Scampi must be very fresh. They must be cleaned carefully and then only lightly seared and possibly seasoned in a pan with a little oil.


It only takes 2.5 minutes in boiling salted water for Kalpis to be cooked, a few pieces at a time, to be drained preferably using a skimmer and to be served immediately. Make sure you have removed all water before filling pasta.

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