If you love pasta with clams, rest assured this is nothing like any other recipes you have ever tried. Though extremely simple to be prepared, it will amaze your guests.

Can you spot the secret ingredient?

Introducing Clam by BluRhapsody with clam and tomato broth and fried leek roots: the most extraordinary pasta dish with clams ever seen. We are willing to bet that, after looking at the picture, you must have thought: “this is undoubtedly clam broth, but there is no pasta here”. Not at all, pasta is there, and this is the very surprise: the clam shell is not a shell… it is Clam, one of BluRhapsody 3D collection pasta shapes that perfectly replicates (in shape, size and nuances) the shell of a clam.

For once, do not use spaghetti or linguine and treat yourself to the extravagant pleasure of making your recipe truly unique using a special pasta shape. And if you are sceptical, we suggest trying it. Indeed, besides being extraordinarily beautiful, BluRhapsody fresh pasta is of the finest quality and is made using dough containing select semolina processed following traditional methods. The result is amazing, a treat for the eye and a delight for the palate, ensuring a unique sensory experience, where each detail is designed to fully enhance the pleasure of tasting, starting from the slight ridging of the dough, up to its taste, texture… and beauty, of course.

Once pasta has been chosen, just a few ingredients are needed to complete the dish.
Use very fresh clams, let them open in a pan and then prepare a sauce with tomato and fresh vegetables. Cook them just long enough to let them sweat, to keep all the flavour of raw tomatoes.
Fried leek roots, which are usually discarded, will be the finishing, but not a simple decoration of the dish. In addition to enhancing the spectacular effect of plating, they will also give a crisp and a slightly bitter note to the dish.

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