When organizing events, whether they are super chic gala dinners or more informal cocktail parties, besides impeccable hospitality, finding a way to surprise your guests is crucial.

Catering is often the solution that allows managing any types of event at best. Due to catering flexibility, one can organize banquets in surprising locations (though perhaps insufficiently equipped), which often allows pleasantly thinking outside the box of more traditional solutions. When opting for catering, one should never improvise: everything must be extraordinarily perfect.

5 rules for 5-star service

Here is the list of what well-organized catering should offer, according to our experience:

  1. Space management is crucial. Albeit beautiful as they are, locations selected should be thoroughly studied and designed so that guests feel welcome and completely at ease.
  2. Lighting. It should be assessed carefully, especially when it comes to outdoor night events. Excessive lighting or, on the contrary, too much darkness may significantly impact comfort.
  3. Service. Needless to repeat that it must be flawless: from cutlery to the number of waiters and to sommeliers skills.
  4. Service timing. No “idle time” is allowed and food and drinks temperature must always be monitored.
  5. Wow effect. The four previous items are the foundations of quality hospitality, but this is the ingredient that really makes the difference: find the way to amaze your guests and they will hardly forget your event. Have you ever thought you could serve pasta having shapes that leave everyone speechless?

With its amazing collection of 3D-shaped pasta, BluRhapsody® always amazes and surprises guests. Shapes can be even more exclusive through customization of appearance, size, taste and colour… nuances can also be selected!

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