Everyone likes it and it is an all-round solution: an appetizer with friends, an informal dinner or a social event. Finger food always works.

Finger food, who doesn’t love it? Delicious little nibbles to be savoured in a single bite, with an explosion of flavours and textures that ignite your senses and entice your palate. It is a way to literally enjoy all the pleasure of getting together by mixing chatter, good food and bubbles in an atmosphere of pleasant lightness. But if you think you have already tried everything and that nothing can surprise you any longer, we can bet we will amaze you with something extremely original and super gourmet.

BluRhapsody introduces its new line of pasta designed specifically to take the finger food tasting experience to its highest level. Each shape is specially designed to turn into your perfect bite. Just try it and believe it: you will, whether you opt for a simple recipe using ready-made good ingredients (Stracciatella cheese, pistachio pesto, gorgonzola cheese cream, hummus) or you are a lover of sophisticated and elegant preparations. Either way, if you use this pasta as a container, in addition to its amazing beauty, you will love its cooking properties and its texture on the palate.

The collection includes three shapes of dry pasta: Cube, a delicious little cube-shaped cup; Cupid, a romantic little heart; and finally Sky, a sparkling star. Their sizes are perfectly calibrated for one-bite tasting. Preparing them is easy. Just cook your pasta in boiling salted water for the time indicated, drain it carefully and make sure to remove all cooking water from the shape… then unleash the artist in you by indulging in filling and decoration. And get ready to enjoy the compliments your will receive when you serve it.

You can buy all our special 3D-printed finger food pasta shapes exclusively on blurhapsody.com e-shop. Take a look at our recipe book and get inspired by our tips!

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